Shellfish fishing
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Shellfish fishing on the island of Oleron

Oleron would not be Oleron without fishing on foot! The inhabitants of the island are familiar with these long fishing trips at low tide.

If you are staying at our campsite in Dolus d'Oléron, a stone's throw from the beaches, don't miss out on this activity! Put on your boots, bring a rake and a basket, and get ready for a few hours of fishing on foot.

Then enjoy the fruits of your fishing with your family or friends, in the comfortable kitchen of one of our mobilhomes or chalets at the Montet campsite !

A few tips for successful foot fishing

Before you enjoy yourself, try to learn the best fishing practices by reading this guide : Foot-fishing guide

The Atlantic Ocean offers summer visitors a wide range of fishing activities on foot on the foreshore of the Île d'Oléron.

First of all : What are the foreshores ?

The foreshore is situated between the extreme limits of high and low tides. A multitude of small animals take shelter in this natural habitat, such as shells emerging from the sand.

Three types of foreshore

The rocky foreshore, as its name suggests, is strewn with rocks that are uncovered at low tide. Many species live there because the rocks offer cavities where crustaceans can hide, protected by algae. In the same way, shellfish can cling to the walls of the rocks and shrimps survive in the water holes.

The sandy foreshore is the preferred environment for shellfish, which sink easily into the sand, without predators, where they can wait for the ebb of the rising tide. Often flush with the ground, they are easy to find. There is no need for special equipment, just observe, bend down and scrape the sand with a hand grasper or clam knife to discover the shells.

In our region and on the island of Oleron, a fishing paradise, you will find many of them, especially during the period of high tides when the sea retreats even further.

The muddy foreshore is a paradise for birds which find plenty of food, it is the territory of the sole, shrimps, clams ... The water rises more to the surface than the sandy foreshore, so it is advisable to have boots for fishing. It is also in this environment that the fishermen come to get their bait: worms.

So if you would like to try the experience of fishing on foot on the island of Oleron, book your accommodation in Dolus, at our campsite in the centre of the island.