Fort Boyard
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Camping near the Fort Boyard in Oléron, France

The famous Fort Boyard off the campsite

Who has never heard of Fort Boyard ? Thanks to the famous television programme, this impressive bastion is one of the curiosities of the Charente Maritime department of which it is very proud.

So enjoy staying at your campsite in Oleron near this fortress which has enjoyed renewed fame since 1990.

It was built from 1803 to 1857 under Napoleon in order to control access to the French coast, mainly against the English armies. This project was not born under Bonaparte but has existed since the reign of Louis XIV. The study of the establishment of a fort on this sandbank was carried out by Vauban, but without success.

The project will see the light of day 250 years later, but its construction will come up against major technical problems, as the sea often takes over the progress of the works, reducing the project's progress to nothing. This is why it took so many years to see the light of day. After many attempts, the fort was finally built.

Fort Boyard, from a defensive work to a place of entertainment

In the meantime, new techniques of warfare have evolved, especially in the field of artillery... But the Fort will still be useful: it will become a prison! The enemies of the Republic will be locked up in its many dungeons: the Prussians, then the political prisoners linked to the commune.

In 1919 it was abandoned at sea.

In 1988, the fort was bought by a production company which turned it into a media centre. The success brought in millions, which were very useful for the maintenance of the site.

Impressive, the building is visible from the beach of Ile d'Oléron (Boyardville), a few minutes from the campsite. It is possible to get close to it thanks to maritime walks organised by companies such as Inter îles.

Departure from Oléron: Boyardville (Ile d'Oléron) - Saint-Denis-d'Oléron (Ile d'Oléron)

It is a great opportunity for an outing, as exciting for the young and old alike. The fortification belongs to the commune of Fouras (which moreover gave its name to the famous old wiseman of the television programme).

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