Our values
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Our values

Our values : Tranquillity, conviviality, family, nature and respect for the environment.

You are finally on holiday ! Enjoy a well-deserved rest : we will do our utmost for your well-being during your stay with us.

In order to live in harmony with the values of this traditional and family campsite, several rules of good conduct are necessary :

Tranquility :

A true luxury at our campsite ! All year round, many of you are exposed to excessive noise. This is why we ask our clients to limit the noise pollution that could be caused involuntarily ; a noisy gathering on a camping pitch, the loud sound of the TV, an overly-excited return from a night out... Let everyone enjoy the peace and quiet of our site.

Collective Sanitary facilities :

A sanctuary for the traditional campers ! As you know, we attach great importance to this building which must remain clean, pleasant and comfortable. This is why, even if it is cleaned daily, we invite you to respect this place with great care. Please accompany your children (for whom the notion of cleanliness is relative) and let us know if you notice any damage outside cleaning hours.


A holiday without a barbecue is quite sacrilegious ! In addition to the collective barbecues available, we authorise the use of individual barbecues under certain conditions (see internal regulations). Nevertheless, your neighbours will appreciate not being overwhelmed by grill smokes, unless you share your BBQ with them ! And always be careful about the orientation of your equipment.

Children safety :

At the Montet d'Oléron, our children must be safe at all times, but many of them are so carefree! Be careful of them when you drive around the grounds (max. 10km/h). Be vigilant and caring for them.

Care for the environment :

Obviously, our planet Earth doesn't seem healthy ! Respect for environment is one of our top priorities. Whatever the length of your stay, we invite you to respect the instructions for selective sorting of your waste and to adopt an ecological behaviour.

Our pet friends :

You have chosen to have a dog and to take him with you during your holidays, it is to your credit. On the other hand, accidental droppings in the field and repeated barking are not compatible with the spirit of this holiday destination.

You are now ready to enjoy your holiday at the Montet d'Oléron ...