The "Corderie Royale" in Rochefort
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The "Corderie Royale" in Rochefort

Close to our campsite : Rochefort and the "Corderie Royale"

Only 25 miles from our campsite on the Island of Oléron, Rochefort, one of the main towns of Charente-Maritime, offers an immense historical heritage.

The shape of the town follows the course of the river Charente, which flows lazily into the Atlantic Ocean.

The "Corderie Royale" : A museum dedicated to Rochefort's military heritage

Formerly a part of the "Grand Arsenal" of Rochefort, the "Corderie Royale", the city's main museum, depicts its military history.

This new town built in the 17th century was entirely designed to become a major military base. To this end, Colbert, a minister of Louis XIV, built an arsenal that would become the glory of Rochefort.

The city developed rapidly around the trades specific to shipbuilding. Afterwards, despite the bankruptcy of the arsenal in 1720, due to the debts of the kingdom, Rochefort would retain its prestige and fame thanks to the establishment of "Grandes Écoles" (Major military schools) such as the Naval School and the Company of Marine guards from which many officers would emerge. Many other military infrastructures would later open, such as the Naval Aviation School, the Air Force and a National Gendarmerie School (French military police force).

Nowadays, Rochefort has also become a touristic destination, notably with the creation of a marina and the opening up of roads, which has been quite favourable to its economic expansion.

Rochefort, a city of Art and History

Rochefort, labelled as a City of Art and History for its exceptional architecture, is one of the major destinations in Charente-Maritime. The Corderie Royale being the centrepiece of the visit, you can also visit "La maison du Roy" (House of the King), and the many former workshops.

Rochefort has other treasures to be admired: the Water Tower, an imposing building dating from 1876, or the Place Colbert, a vast esplanade surrounded by beautiful house façades which were used during the filming of a famous french film by Jacques Demy : "The Young Girls of Rochefort" (Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, 1967).

Finally, the fortifications, built in 1662 : They strangely never have been functional, its builder having chosen aesthetics to the detriment of defensive necessity !

There are also many museums and associations that provide their share of culture to attract more holidaymakers to discover Rochefort.

In addition to being a cultural destination, the town has a major spa with a very good reputation. It is therefore a good opportunity to take care of your body during your camping holiday.

Don't miss out on discovering Rochefort during your stay by booking a campsite pitch or a mobile home in the Dolus district on the island.